Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow & Diamonds


I am told (again...sigh) that it is coming.  In fact, if the weather predictions are right, we may have the potential for 4 days of snow this week! 

I LOVE SNOW!  I love how it looks, I love the activities you can do in snow and I love the sparkle a fresh blanket of snow provides on a cold, clear morning. 

It reminds me of diamonds. 

And while we are on the subject of what I love...I would add diamonds to that list.  I love the high quality, flawless diamonds.  But I also love the more "rustic" diamonds that have flaws and unusual colors.  I feel the less perfect diamonds go really well with some of my "rustic", "handmade" pieces....not perfect by themselves, but perfect together.

Kids are told, when they want it to snow, to flush a piece of ice down the toilet and sleep with a spoon under their pillow.  I think I will add "playing with diamonds" to this list of rituals. 

If I can't have all the sparkle I want outside in the beautiful wilderness, I can at least have all the
sparkle I want in my jewelry.  Keep checking in with VEDELI DESIGNS.  I'll be adding some more diamond "sparkle" to my collection and if you have a free moment.....PRAY FOR SNOW!!!