Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I'm not talking waistlines...I'm talking jewelry!

I love chunky jewelry.  I always have.  There was a time when silver traded at around $6 an ounce (it is currently around $20 an ounce).  These were the early days of my jewelry career and I made HEAVY jewelry.  It was so fun.  It was big, it was bold and it was beautiful! 

But as the price of silver changed and increased, I moved away from the heavy, chunky jewelry.  It was just too expensive to make and sell, and the lighter pieces began to move more quickly (well, lighter in my definition...which still isn't too light). 

However, I love the heavy, chunky stuff.  And since I love it, I've decided to revisit a big way.  Will it make up most of my collection?  No.  Will it be a part of my collection?  Yes. 

So ladies, I offer this advice to you on this cool Wednesday morning.....GO OFF THE JEWELRY DIET.  Buy big and wear big!

 Wear your jewelry as you live your life....BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!