Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Friendship Stone

Are you familiar with Gaspeite?  That stunning, apple green mineral that is sure to catch your eye?  It's an amazing looking stone that is becoming increasingly rare and collectible.  

First and foremost, Gaspeite is known for its incredible apple green color.  The stone has only been found in two parts of the world....Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada and Western Australia. And what makes this stone so valuable and collectible now, is that the mines in these areas have been played out and depleted.  So unless a new deposit of Gaspeite is found somewhere on our beautiful planet, there is no more new Gaspeite available....making this mineral a wonderful collectors item.

Another bonus of this stone? It is known as the friendship stone, for the fact that this beautiful green gem brings people together.  Now how can that be a bad thing? 

Happy pursuing....

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